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Consideration, patience, attitude


While riding the other day I started to more truly realize the importance of these words.  I was not in a good mood, the road conditions were bad, and it seemed that every car and driver  on the road was equally as surly as I.  At times, I was just plain pissed at the drivers.  It seemed the roar of each land rocket passing me was saying “Move it or lose it, punk!”

Unfortunately, I failed to realize in that moment the futility of thinking I was a victim of the inconsiderate and impatient drivers.  That was the least productive line of thinking I could have had.  I am confident if I had rather maintained my patience, respected the drivers goals, and stayed positive; I would have had a much more enjoyable ride.

Life is what you make it.  It was my mistake in participating in the adventure of life that day with a bad attitude.  Just as the drivers should have waited a few extra moments before passing me; upon recognizing my bad mood, I should have stopped, and taken a few moments to just breathe.  Breathe.

Life is beautiful;  if we remind ourselves of that on the “bad days”, thus it will be.




February 2, 2010

I have been pondering this word(idea) for the past couple of days.  Cycling makes one more aware in many different areas.  Naturally, there is always the task of being aware of the road and traffic.. unless you want to have an unfortunate end to your journey.  Also, one must also be aware of other physical apsects; such as your pace, breathing, and posture.  You must be aware of the fuel you consume as well.  Granted, peddling all day allows for the consumption of much more food (this is ideal for someone like me who loves to eat!); however, eating the right foods makes a huge difference.  You become aware of what your body needs.

Aside from these tangible aspects, I have felt my emotional and internal awareness become more distinct.  It is interesting to spend great lengths of time simply with yourself.  Self awareness is one great by product of travelling, and specifically cycling tours.  Emotionally, I feel generally happier after riding all day.  Certainly this is partially chemical, a result of endorphines… but I believe it is due also to being in touch with the earth and new friends.  Talking to people is a great passtime, and the bond I feel with everyone I meet is a wonderful sensation.