Consideration, patience, attitude

While riding the other day I started to more truly realize the importance of these words.  I was not in a good mood, the road conditions were bad, and it seemed that every car and driver  on the road was equally as surly as I.  At times, I was just plain pissed at the drivers.  It seemed the roar of each land rocket passing me was saying “Move it or lose it, punk!”

Unfortunately, I failed to realize in that moment the futility of thinking I was a victim of the inconsiderate and impatient drivers.  That was the least productive line of thinking I could have had.  I am confident if I had rather maintained my patience, respected the drivers goals, and stayed positive; I would have had a much more enjoyable ride.

Life is what you make it.  It was my mistake in participating in the adventure of life that day with a bad attitude.  Just as the drivers should have waited a few extra moments before passing me; upon recognizing my bad mood, I should have stopped, and taken a few moments to just breathe.  Breathe.

Life is beautiful;  if we remind ourselves of that on the “bad days”, thus it will be.


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