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Back in cyberspace


Hey friends,

Although I mentally froze up when I started typing this post, I am happy to be back.  This morning I was talking with my brother-in-law, Paul, about how enriching it is to share experiences through writing.  I vowed to myself I would write SOMETHING on my blog TODAY.. no matter how short or unconsequential.

What joy can be found in taking even a baby step in the direction which is right for you 😀  At some point; this blog will be beautiful, focused, and well-organized.  For now, I will enjoy the process peacefully.  One breath at a time.  My purpose here is to recognize and appreciate the joy which fills this life, this day, this moment.  My purpose here is to share my joy(my life) with you, to grow wiser through communicating with you, to encourage you to smile inwardly (outwardly is also recommended 😉 and know life is joy.

A few ways I’ve been living more joyfully lately:

Lift the corners of your mouth as you inhale, lift them even higher as you exhale.

Stand up straight.  I guarantee you will feel stronger, more powerful, more YOU.

When you’re in doubt or you feel indecisive as yourself this question – What would make me ultimately more joyful?  The trick is to go with your intuitions immediately after posing the question.